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Shin-ichi Igarashi
Professor, Dr. Eng.
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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Kanazawa University
<Address> Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa 920-1192, JAPAN

E-mail: igarashi@t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp Phone & Fax: +81-(0)76-264-6364

Research Interests : "Materials Science of Concrete" and "Cement Microscopy"

Recent Publications :

  • Igarashi,S., Kawamura, M. and Watanabe, A., Analysis of cement pastes and mortars by a combination of backscatter-based SEM image analysis and calculations based on the Powers model, Cement and Concrete Composites , 2004 (in press, available online).
  • Igarashi, S., Watanabe, A. and Kawamura, M., Evaluation of capillary pore size characteristics in high strength concrete at early ages, Cement and Concrete Research , 2004(in press).
  • Igarashi, S., Watanabe, A. and Kawamura, M., Effects of curing conditions on the evolution of coarse capillary pores in cement pastes, Concrete Science and Engineering : A Tribute to Arnon Bentur, Proc.of the Intl. RILEM Symposium, (Eds. K. Kovler, J. Marchand, S. Mindess and J. Weiss), pp.105-116, 2004.
  • Igarashi, S., Watanabe, A. and Kawamura, M., Estimation of the degree of hydration in cement pastes by the SEM-BSE image analysis, Concrete Research Technology, Vol.14, No.2, pp.23-29, 2003 (in Japanese).
  • Igarashi, S. and Kawamura, M., Effects of microstructure on restrained autogenous shrinkage behavior in high strength concretes at early ages, Materials and Structures, Vol.35, No.3, pp.80-84, 2002.
  • Bentur, A., Igarashi, S. and Kovler, K., Prevention of autogenous shrinkage in high strength concrete by internal curing using wet lightweight aggregates, Cement and Concrete Research, Vol.31, No.11, pp.1587-1591, 2001.
  • Igarashi, S., Bentur, A. and Kovler, K., Autogenous shrinkage and induced restraining stresses in high strength concretes, Cement and Concrete Research, Vol.30, No.11, pp.1701-1707, 2000.
  • Igarashi, S., Kubo, R.H. and Kawamura, M., Long-term volume changes and microcracks formation in high strength mortars, Cement and Concrete Research, Vol.30, pp.943-951, 2000.
  • Igarashi, S., Bentur, A. and Kovler, K., Stresses and creep relaxation induced in restrained autogenous shrinkage of high strength pastes and concretes, Advances in Cement Research, Vol.11, No.4, pp.169-177, 1999.
  • Kovler, K., Igarashi, S. and Bentur, A., Tensile creep behavior of high strength concretes at early ages, Materials and Structures, Vol.32, No.219, pp.383-387, 1999.
  • Bentur, A., Igarashi, S. and Kovler, K., Control of autogenous shrinkage and cracking in high strength concrete, Proc. 5th Intl. Symp. on High Strength/High Performace Concrete, Sandefjord, Norway, Vol.2, pp.1017-1026, 1998.
  • Igarashi, S. and Kawamura, M., Reduction in strength in high strength mortars at long ages, Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures (eds. H. Mihashi & K. Rokugo), AEDIFICATIO, Vol.1, pp.243-252, 1998.
  • Igarashi, S., Kawamura, M., Arano, N. and Kawaguchi, S., Alkali reactivity of high carbon ferrochromium slag and its applicability as an aggregate for concrete, Proc. of the 10th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, Vol.4, iv05, 1997.
  • Igarashi, S., Bentur, A. and Mindess, S., Characterization of the microstructure and strength of cement paste by microhardness testing, Advances in Cement Research, Vol.8, No.30, pp.87-92, 1996.
  • Igarashi, S. and Kawamura, M., Detection of failures around main cracks and their relation to the fracture toughness of cement pastes, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., Vol.78, No,7, pp.1715-18, 1995.
  • Igarashi, S. and Kawamura, M., Fracture process of the interfacial zone between a steel fiber and cementitious matrix in relation to the toughness of steel fiber reinforced mortars, J. of JSCE, No.502/V-25, pp.83-92, 1994 (in Japanese).

    Courses at Kanazawa University :

  • General Introduction to Civil Engineering (Undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Computer (Undergraduate)
  • Surveying and Fieldwork 1 (Undergraduate)
  • Civil Engineering Practice 1 : Materials (Undergraduate)
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures (Undergraduate)
  • Prestressed Concrete Structures (Undergraduate)
  • Cementititous Composites (Graduate)
  • Advanced Strength of Materials (Graduate)

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    * Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (worked with Prof. A. Bentur)
    * Department of Civil Engineering, UBC (worked with Prof. S. Mindess)
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